Waste Industry Solutions

The TRUX Software Suite is made up of three main applications: Haul-IT, Weigh-IT and Maintain-IT. Each application provides unique functionality and they can be used individually or as an integrated suite. The integration of the three applications allows you to increase efficiency and decrease operating costs.


TRUX Haul-IT is the complete Windows-based operational and financial management solution for waste haulers. Haul-IT provides comprehensive routing, scheduling, billing, collection and sales management tools that deliver the indispensable information that is so critical in today's competitive business environment.


TRUX Weigh-IT is the complete Windows-based scale ticket creation and billing solution for landfill and transfer station managers. Weigh-IT provides comprehensive ticketing, materials management, billing, collection and reporting tools that allow you to easily manage your facilities in today's hectic landfill envrionments.


Vehicles are one of your company's most valuable assets. Maintain-IT helps you to maintain and accurately track your vehicle assets by providing you with preventive maintenance schedules, mileage tracking, cost analysis, and part tracking tools for your fleet.

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TRUX Provides Waste Industry Expertise

Articles and White Papers

TRUX software is based on a firm foundation of Waste Industry knowledge. TRUX staff are constantly learning, analyzing and improving their industry expertise to create better products and help customers to make the right choice. The following articles and white papers are written by TRUX staff members: waste industry experts you can trust.

Managing Your Receivables & Collections

Author:Paul Sulentic

In this article, Paul uses several TRUX programs to highlight key steps you can take to manage your receivables. Defining an efficient collections process to capture your outstanding receivables has become a crucial business requirement in today's tough economy. Find out how TRUX can help get you back in the driver's seat!

Handling Company-wide Price Increases

Author:Paul Sulentic and Ree San

In this article, Paul and Ree explain the TRUX Price Increase program and how it can help save your staff countless hours of updates when rolling out a company-wide price increase. Are you frustrated by your current software and the lack of control you have over price increases? Read how TRUX provides the right tool for the job!