Waste Industry Solutions

The TRUX Software Suite is made up of three main applications: Haul-IT, Weigh-IT and Maintain-IT. Each application provides unique functionality and they can be used individually or as an integrated suite. The integration of the three applications allows you to increase efficiency and decrease operating costs.


TRUX Haul-IT is the complete Windows-based operational and financial management solution for waste haulers. Haul-IT provides comprehensive routing, scheduling, billing, collection and sales management tools that deliver the indispensable information that is so critical in today's competitive business environment.


TRUX Weigh-IT is the complete Windows-based scale ticket creation and billing solution for landfill and transfer station managers. Weigh-IT provides comprehensive ticketing, materials management, billing, collection and reporting tools that allow you to easily manage your facilities in today's hectic landfill envrionments.


Vehicles are one of your company's most valuable assets. Maintain-IT helps you to maintain and accurately track your vehicle assets by providing you with preventive maintenance schedules, mileage tracking, cost analysis, and part tracking tools for your fleet.

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Maintain-IT: Gears and Parts


Maintain-IT is a Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) application that provides you with the tools to accurately and efficiently monitor the maintenance of your company’s assets. You can use Maintain-IT’s robust suite of CMMS tools to schedule and control the maintenance of your fleet of vehicles or your container inventory.

Your vehicles are one of your company's most valuable assets. Maintain-IT helps you to schedule and accurately track the maintenance of your vehicles by providing you with preventive maintenance schedules, mileage tracking, cost analysis, and inventory part tracking for your fleet.

Maintain-IT was specifically designed for the waste industry and our knowledge and experience have influenced the creation of a CMMS application that is ideally suited to your hauling or landfill operation. Maintain-IT can be seamlessly integrated with our Haul-IT software to provide you with single-source data entry and usage statistics. For example, when you complete a route in Haul-IT, the odometer readings and other key usage statistics are automatically available to you in Maintain-IT.


Maintain-IT can help you to increase productivity in your shop and uptime for your fleet. By regularly scheduling preventive maintenance, you will increase asset uptime and help extend the asset’s useful life. You will see a real difference in costs, and in profits, as you get more use out of your assets and earn more revenue by keeping your vehicles and containers in the field.

The Parts Inventory and Vendor Management tools in Maintain-IT are designed to help you lower your maintenance costs. Maintain-IT tracks part quantities and helps to ensure that parts are available when you need them. If you bring in a vehicle for repairs, you can ensure that your shop has the resources to get the vehicle back out and earning revenue with a minimum of downtime.

Maintain-IT also helps to decrease inventory costs by making sure you only store what you need in your shop. Maintain-IT tracks the Overall Inventory Value of your parts on hand to help you plan your purchasing requirements and track your inventory demands. Your new inventory tools will predict your part needs and let you know when to order so you don’t run out; Maintain-IT even calculates the vendor with the lowest price and the fastest turnaround for delivery.

Key Features


Maintain-IT is a network enabled, multi-user product which can handle your needs ranging from a single shop to a nationwide fleet of vehicles and multiple repair facilities. The easy set-up and configuration mean that Maintain-IT is quick and simple for a small independent hauler. At the same time, the powerful user tools and SQL backend features mean that Maintain-IT can be deployed to multiple locations with hundreds of users, smoothly and efficiently.

Preventive Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance helps avoid costly emergency repairs and extends the useful life of each of your assets. Maintain-IT allows you to create PM Templates and reuse them to manage preventive maintenance for your entire fleet. The powerful PM Calendar lets you monitor your fleet and see the current status of each asset relative to their upcoming PM Schedule. You can also bring in any vehicle, at any time, to fill available time in your repair shop.

PM Schedule Due Intervals

Maintain-IT uses customizable Due Intervals to track when a vehicle should be brought in for preventive maintenance. PM Schedules can be based on three usage categories: Distance, Engine Hours, and/or Days. Maintain-IT will track your vehicle usage and automatically notify the vehicle or driver by email when the vehicle is due for its next preventive maintenance.

Part Inventory

You can create a database record for each part used in your repair shop. Maintain-IT lets you associate a part with a specific component or subsystem on an asset or have a part belong to all components. Your detailed inventory system will track quantities to prevent over stocking and automatically re-order parts when they reach your reorder level. You can configure a minimum order amount to make sure that every order placed is cost effective.

Vendor Tracking

Maintain-IT allows you to associate your internal part numbers with the vendor part numbers in your supplier database. TRUX Maintain-IT will automatically track costs and delivery times for each part and each vendor when you receive an order. Maintain-IT also calculates your daily usage and, knowing the delivery time for each vendor, notifies you when to order to make sure you never run out.

Repair Orders

Maintain-IT will create PM Repair Orders when an asset is brought in for preventive maintenance, but you can also create Repair Orders for unexpected or emergency repairs. Repair Orders help to organize the work required and a Checklist can be generated for the mechanics doing the work. Repair Orders can be easily created in Maintain-IT, for example, when you add a Component to a Repair Order, all of the associated parts are added automatically.

Fuel Tracking

We recognize that fuel cost is a major expense when operating a fleet of vehicles. Maintain-IT records fuel usage statistics for each asset, allowing you to accurately monitor fuel consumption and fuel efficiency.

Mechanic Time Management

Maintain-IT allows you to record and monitor mechanic time so you can proactively manage your shop. You can control the timing of your Repair Orders to maximize the efficient use of shop resources and to increase asset uptime. Create custom Labor categories and flag them as either direct or indirect labor.

Maintenance History

Maintain-IT allows you to record all maintenance performed on an asset and track all associated part and labor costs to provide you with a clear and accurate maintenance history. You can examine the Maintenance History on any asset to analyze its overall cost, wear, neglect and even abuse. With a detailed and accurate maintenance history, you will be able to see failing assets and retire them before they negatively affect your performance or increase your operating costs.


A suite of reports are available to view and analyze your CMMS data.