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The TRUX Software Suite is made up of three main applications: Haul-IT, Weigh-IT and Maintain-IT. Each application provides unique functionality and they can be used individually or as an integrated suite. The integration of the three applications allows you to increase efficiency and decrease operating costs.


TRUX Haul-IT is the complete Windows-based operational and financial management solution for waste haulers. Haul-IT provides comprehensive routing, scheduling, billing, collection and sales management tools that deliver the indispensable information that is so critical in today's competitive business environment.


TRUX Weigh-IT is the complete Windows-based scale ticket creation and billing solution for landfill and transfer station managers. Weigh-IT provides comprehensive ticketing, materials management, billing, collection and reporting tools that allow you to easily manage your facilities in today's hectic landfill envrionments.


Vehicles are one of your company's most valuable assets. Maintain-IT helps you to maintain and accurately track your vehicle assets by providing you with preventive maintenance schedules, mileage tracking, cost analysis, and part tracking tools for your fleet.

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Haul-IT: Rear-Load Truck


Far more than simply a billing system, TRUX Haul-IT is the complete Windows-based operational and financial management solution for waste haulers (or any operation performing repetitive scheduled or on-call services with vehicles). Haul-IT provides comprehensive routing, scheduling, billing, collection and sales management tools that deliver the indispensable information that is so critical in today's competitive business environment.

With Haul-IT, essential details of your waste services' transportation system are at your fingertips. From day-to-day operations to long-range planning and management, data is complete, comprehensive and easy to understand, providing the instant information needed for effective management, sustained profitability, and business growth.

Simplified management-defined billing and accounting problems
  • Predetermined, management-defined billing parameters for easier use
  • Detailed invoices and revenue adjustments, including billing reversals
  • Accounts Receivable tools include account ranking, automatic account suspension and dunning messages
  • Unbilled transaction calculation and review
  • Customizable invoice format

Comprehensive customer profiles created with industry-specific data fields make Haul-IT an invaluable tool for management, accounting and sales staff. Operating in real time, the billing process is simple, fast, comprehensive, and accurate. A/R tools manage receivables and collection procedures smoothly and system security features ensure controlled access to data depending upon management-defined parameters. The customer service module provides the ability to record, analyze and react to customer calls and complaints and a logging feature develops a vital customer activity trail by tracking ongoing changes.

Clean, intuitive interface for easy learning and navigation
  • Simplified task selection from context-sensitive menus
  • Effortless, rapid customer entry, including price classes
  • User Homepage and to-do list
Enhanced System & Security with management-defined functionality
  • Definable user profiles
  • Secure online credit card processing with multi-gateway capability, real time authorization, encryption and batch processing
  • System-wide user listing with centralized user maintenance and access controls
  • Event logging with automatic recording of 'critical events'
  • Comprehensive security features include secure data encryption
Intelligent single-entry Search Tool
  • Intelligent Search utilizing industry-standard pattern recognition technology
  • Instant recall of last 10 searches

Haul-IT was designed as an operations-oriented system. Billing and financial analysis tools are a direct reflection of what services have been performed by operations. Continually modified and enhanced to meet the changing needs of the waste services industry, Haul-IT is the ideal tool for the fast, efficient handling of both routed and call-in customers. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly - whatever the designated service frequency, Haul-IT handles customer schedules automatically, making work assignments fast and easy for operations. Flexible route sheet formats inform drivers of changes to their normal schedule. Disposal costs and volumes are easily reconciled with disposal invoices, and the container inventory function allows tracking of all containers in the system.

Powerful routing tool with intelligent 'Routing Assistant'
  • Intelligent Routing Assistant automtically analyzes routes and suggests optimal new routing
  • Single click access to all functions and drag & drop capabilities simplify route sequencing
  • Includes 'To Be Routed' queue and related activities lists
  • User-defined dispatch screen layouts and views, including detachable maps for easy visual planning
Fully integrated MapPoint® functionality
  • Automated MapPoint® optimization
  • Call rerouting with 'Routing Assistant'
  • Vehicle location display interfaces with the most widely used GPS systems
  • Easy visualization of customers, routes and call-in activity

Today's manager requires immediate, accurate information to compete successfully. Haul-IT provides an industry-leading database accessible through a family of reports that provide critical operations indicators. High-level reports identify opportunities and problem areas, then more detailed reports help in the analysis and resolution of challenges. Unprofitable customers and routes are readily identified so that remedial action can be taken.

Fully Integrated Relational Database for flexible data collection and customized reports.
  • Report Center allows easy selection of standard and critical reports
  • Integrated Crystal Reports allows creation and export of reports to most popular formats (Excel®, Word®, PDF, e-mail, etc.)
  • Extensive drill-down capabilities to reveal critical detail
  • Enhanced graphing functions
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