TRUX Client Support

TRUX stands behind our products and we pride ourselves on our unparalleled after sales support. Follow the links below to access our support pages, which will explain the support features available to your users.

Support Request

Existing TRUX customers can submit support requests from the TRUX web site. Your requests will be sent directly to the TRUX Technical Support department. Submit a Support Request.

The Support Portal

TRUX Technical Support can connect to your desktop to help your troubleshoot and resolve technical issues. It's just like having your TRUX support representative sitting beside you at your desk! Learn more about the TRUX Support Portal.

TRUX Logos and Wallpapers

Download TRUX logos and desktop wallpapers to use on your own machine. Download some "TRUX-abilia" for your computer.

TRUX Newsletter

You can subscribe to receive our TRUX newsletter by filling out this simple form. The TRUX newsletter delivers important update information, news, tips and tricks right to your inbox. Sign-up for the TRUX Newsletter

TRUX Company Logos, Wallpapers, and other Graphics

Over the years, TRUX has created several graphics for use as company backgrounds or wallpapers during demonstrations or training sessions. Several of our customers have asked for copies of the images so they can use them on their own machines. Here are some of the images we have created, which you can use on your own computers to add some "TRUX" to your everyday computing.


The following TRUX wallpapers can be downloaded and displayed as your PC's desktop wallpaper.

  1. Select the appropriate resolution and the wallpaper will open in a new window.
  2. Right-click on the full-size image and choose Set as Background from the drop-down menu.
TRUX Green Wallpaper

TRUX Desktop Wallpaper (Green)

TRUX Blue Wallpaper

TRUX Desktop Wallpaper (Blue)

TRUX Brown Wallpaper

TRUX Desktop Wallpaper (Brown)

TRUX Gray Wallpaper

TRUX Desktop Wallpaper (Gray)

TRUX 7 Company Backgrounds

The following TRUX logos can be set as the Welcome Page background for your TRUX 7 Companies.

  1. Right-click on the logo you want to use and select Save Picture As from the pop-up menu.
  2. Once you have saved the file, open TRUX 7 and go to the Manage Companies program.
  3. Click the browse (...) button to locate the file you saved and then save the Company.
  4. Log out and log back in to see the changes.